• elves – forest (spiritwood)


    A magical realm blanketed with endless forests of titanic trees. While it is common knowledge Spiritwood is the home of the elusive and hidden elves, few know how to enter the realm. Surrounded by a living wall of thorns, aptly named Thornbreach, only those blessed with rare earth magic can bypass the protective wards.

  • void 2

    The Void

    A space between worlds with a vast ink black sky, sparsely populated by bright, individual stars. The land is made up of numerous interconnecting bridges and ancient structures, ebbing and flowing at impossible angles, all having suffered from eons of decay. A vast variety of people have migrated to The Void, in isolated groups, where they have repurposed or discovered their own settlements and political groups.

  • orcs-rocky-lava-caves (embervein)


    Home to the tribal orcs, Embervien is a searing expanse of rocky desert and lava veined caverns. Wandering into the orcs territory is done at one’s own peril, for if you do not succumb to the blistering heat, you will fall to their blistering rage.

  • undead-darklight (dimensional)


    Little is known about the mysterious plane of endless dusk, known as Darklight. To many it is a ghost tale, told to scare small children. To the few that truly know and have experienced Darklight, it is home to vampires, warlocks and elf like creatures that have long been forgotten in its murky past.

  • humans-castle (lightcrest)


    The grand beacon of Ebonmoor. Lightcrest, the human capitol, is a bustling city of trade and wealth that is encompassed by a sprawling seascape, expansive green plains and rolling gentle hills. To the untrained eye an oasis awaits, but the true dangers lie in the political shadows and the dark criminal underground.

  • goblins-swamps (nevermire)


    Home of the secretive and distrustful goblins. The swamps of Nevermire are diffused with rank thick air that would bring the strongest warriors to their knees. Truly inhospitable, danger lurks around every corner. For those who are not prepared, they will succumb to the hunting grounds of all manner of dark beasts and undead.

  • dwarves-mountains (chillrest)


    Home to the ancient people of the dwarves. A mountainous region, that sees frequent blizzards and below freezing cold. Deep below its frozen landscapes, lies miles of hidden tunnels and immense caverns. A hidden safe haven for its people.

  • tts

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By our calendar, the third day of the month of storms was when our world changed forever. Each of the leaders of the five great nations was assassinated by an unknown force, leaving the councils and elders fumbling to reply to this unknown threat. Many laid blame at the feet of ancestral hatreds. The Dwarves blamed the Goblins. The Orcs blamed the Elves. The Humans blamed the Orcs. and the Goblins blamed everyone, as befits their fear and paranoia. What the secretive Elves believe is a thing of mystery...though perhaps you will be the one to uncover the truth?

The Edgeguard was to be a force of elite warriors, rangers, clerics, mages, and rogues—the best of the best. Each nation would contribute forces with a mandate to seek out this mysterious new enemy and report back to their leaders. From these humble beginnings, five heroes arose, one from each nation, to become our champions⁠—the defenders of Ebonmoor.

So, which path will you choose?

Edgeguard is a story-driven tabletop miniatures game drawing mechanical inspiration from classic immersive experiences across both table and screen. Returning to Kickstarter in 2023! Sign up below to join our quest and gain early access to our playtesting community.

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