The Game

Edgeguard is a story-driven tabletop miniatures dungeon crawler, drawing mechanical inspiration from classic immersive experiences across both table and screen. Edgeguard maintains a combination of deep, but easy to learn game play mechanics, by implementing logic to conceive the rules of the world. While still being a fantasy game, the majority of the rules, when in question, can be intuitively calculated, without having to refer to the rule book. Because of this, we have created an enjoyable experience for both RPG veterans and beginners.

Edgeguard features a stat and subclass system that allows each player to move beyond the initial game classes and customize their playing experience. Stay tuned for more information as we reveal more of the game and system in the near future!

The Game Designer

Andre de Almeida has over a decade of experience in business ownership and creative. You can find his artwork and sculptures in personal and professional work, such as the comic books Sleepwaking and Sol Survivor, the major motion picture Killer’s Anonymous and on various comic book merchandise by major licensed companies.

His professional art website can be viewed at https://andredealmeida.com

The inspiration for Edgeguard and creating Mangy Goblin Games, LLC came about because of the realization that so many board games could be great, if only their rules made more logical sense. Taking inspiration from a lifelong love of classic and modern movies, video games and comics, he dived head first in creating what is now known as Edgeguard.